Rick Helmick is a charismatic and strategic leader with a proven ability to deliver projects in both large and small-scale environments while maintaining customer satisfaction. His entrepreneurial spirit enables him to dream up big ideas for clients and then break them down into clear concise communication and engagement plans that allow teams to enact them and be very successful. An excellent communicator with years of public speaking experience, Rick loves telling stories that captivate customers, bringing brands to life and increase engagement.


Rick started professional life as a designer but has always been enamored with technology and computers.  At a young age I taught myself Basic programming.  The majority of projects that Rick has worked on over the years have been to blend creativity with technology to create exceptional engaging user experiences.  These experiences might be shopping online with retargeting campaigns to drive more business to augmented reality mobile applications to tie experiential marketing campaigns to real world revenue.


Over the years Rick has had many opportunities to speak at conferences, shindigs, and various whatnots around North America.  He enjoys sharing experiences, helping others with challenges in the industry and interacting with people from many lines of business.  With twenty years experience in creative design, marketing, animation, film and computers Rick has had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of projects and loves to speak on these topics.


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Rick has over twenty years experience in strategic planning, business development, graphic design, marketing, user experience, user research, mobility, development, film and animation. Over the course of those years he has delivered multi-million dollar design and development engagements for enterprises in fields ranging from retail to healthcare to entertainment.

Rick started his career as a graphic designer but was very interested in 3D animation so he spent nights at the studio where he worked learning 3D animation which led to working on animations and effects for video games, theme parks, and films.

Over those years I worked as a creative director, film director and even learned programming to support the more advanced implementations we were installing.

The Internet allowed me to blend my skills around design, animation, user experience, mobile and marketing to build large scale Commerce sites and the campaigns that surround the entire retail experience.  In recent months I have been bringing that same experience to bear on healthcare companies that are now looking to provide retail like experiences for their patients.


Rick graduated Auburn University with a major in graphic design with the plan to be a designer as my career.  Over the years he has had many different jobs in the digital space and he found that his love of design and art really plays into all aspects of today’s digital world.  A user centric design focus drives all aspects of what he does these days whether its the latest augmented reality mobile app, a marketing spot for a new product or a simple presentation.

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I’ve always had an interest in photography which helped lead me into my role working as a director in the past.  I originally minored in photography and do miss the days of hiding in the freezing cold darkroom developing prints but I really enjoy the creative editing in Photoshop.  Getting out and shooting outside is a great change of pace from most of the days in front of a computer.  I will continue to expand this section as time permits.

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Just a few of the customers I have worked with over the years…